Romania: Past, Present, Future


Past, present, and future

My Romanian heritage and American upbringing have molded me into a hybrid of cultures. This ‘visual memoir’ is a personal journey of reflection and cultural exploration, at times biased by both parental propaganda and my American upbringing. These posters chronicle Romania’s past, present, and future.

The full essay and a closer look at the meanings of each illustration can be found on the blog here.

illustration of older man's mouth covered by hand

Little is known – among Romanian youth and the broader Western world – of the horrors committed by the Romanian Communist regime over the 40 years of its dictatorship.

Romania's Past, poster illustration series

Despite efforts for good change, the past still hangs heavy throughout many regions of Romania.

Romania's Present, poster illustration series

The ambiguities and turmoil of Romania’s past have continued to take their toll on the country and its people, even as they try to look to the future.

Romania's Future, poster illustration series

Romania today is a construct of its rich history. This ‘summary’ poster represents Romania’s past (Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, top), present (current President, Traian Basescu, middle), and future (little girl, bottom). Her innocence and purity of youth represents the hope for Romania’s future.

Romania's Past, Present, Future Illustrated Poster

We are products of our experiences, choices, beliefs, and histories. We are marked and influenced by our origins and shaped by our actions and reactions.

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