Half Price Books

Half Price Books

rebranding concept

Half Price Books is a provider of nostalgic personal libraries for a value-oriented audience. The rebrand targets the young urbanite, many of whom have become disconnected from the intimate and tactile experience of real books. The new bookstore-cafe blend aims to reignite their nostalgia and passion for books by turning them into bibliomaniacs.

A balance of bright and warm colors, nostalgic and modern typography, and aged-styled photography, all complimented by illustrations reminiscent of literary artwork.

Half Price Books wants to become that deliciously tempting cave of literary wonders where customers can escape the burdening demands of a busy lifestyle with a good book and a cup of coffee.

bibliomaniac definition

Mobile lending libraries invite passersby to donate or borrow a book at any location.

Enticing books, comfortable reading spaces, and a cozy coffee shop with local treats. The perfect secret public place.

Unique member bookmarks that double as loyalty cards.

Social is a crucial platform for communicating the new brand, advertising new promotions, engaging the audience with interactive activities, and developing a loyal and trusting relationship.

The website is a major hub of resources, as well as an online marketplace (HPBmarket.com) for purchasing books, magazines, records, and e-books.

Considering the mobile lifestyle of its audience, HPB must reach its in their natural habitat – on the go. Whether they are stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop, HPB wants to remind them that they still have time to read.

The app is a focused extension of the website, as well as a personal library of read and unread books.

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